Q. Hello, I’m curious to ask about one thing. In what place does Fresh Local Wild usually travel to?
A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending us your message. Fresh Local Wild usually goes to different towns in Arizona. We do rounds as much as we can and until our supplies last. Fresh Local Wild mobile restaurant doesn’t really go to many places due to supplies shortage when on the road but we make sure we can visit the whole Arizona in a week with the help of our many mobiles that are deployed in the field.

Q. Hi! I was wondering if I could see your menu through your website. If this is possible, how?
A. Hello, thank you for giving us a question. Yes, you can view our menu on our website. Just click the ‘menu’ tab on the homepage and it will bring you to our list of dishes along with its prices.

Q. Is it true I can order from your place and have it delivered to my house?
A. Hi! Yes, it is true that you can order from Fresh Local Wild restaurant and one of our mobile restaurants near you will come to your place to deliver it.

Q. Can I order in your restaurant anytime? Please answer, I really want to have a taste of your dishes!
A. Hi! Thank you for sending us a message. We apologize but you cannot order at Fresh Local Wild anytime. We do have limited time to deliver orders because of the supply shortage on our mobiles. However, if you are near our branch, we can deliver you food until our closing time.

Q. Do you have free parking in your restaurant?
A. Hello! Thank you for your message. Yes, we do have free parking in our restaurants and it can accommodate all of our customers anytime.