Fresh Local Wild was created 10 years ago as a simple restaurant made to serve people with simple dishes. It was a family-owned restaurant in Arizona. Other than to serve people, the restaurant was built because of the family’s huge love for cooking. They love cooking a variety of dishes that it has become each member’s passion. This family consists of 4 members and both of the parents had the experience of working as cooks in top restaurants in Arizona. They let their children benefit from this by giving them the lessons whenever they have time to spare which also served as the whole family’s bonding experience. Their kids are now aspiring chefs and are expected to graduate in a culinary school soon. When this place was built, the parents were still in the process of studying culinary arts because both of them graduated before under a different bachelor’s degree. But since they found their love for cooking later on, they took the initiative to study again in order to fully understand and learn the art of cooking.

However, even before graduating in the culinary school, their restaurant has been already a success. Many people were so in love and happy about it that the couple has no other choice but to expand and continue the business further. It made the whole family happy and their little kids were more than inspired because of their parents. They wanted to become like their parents to help them and of course, to be one of the people cooking in their restaurant’s kitchen.

Soon enough, the idea of creating a mobile restaurant was proposed by their kids after seeing food trucks in a food festival they went to. The idea fascinated all of the family members that they immediately planned and did it as soon as they can. It was tough to expand into a mobile restaurant but they know that they can also succeed in this kind of business if they put their whole heart into it. Now, Fresh Local Wild continues to go on different destinations to serve the people.